Intra Operative Electron Beam Radiotherapy

The Mobetron is the first mobile, self-shielded electron beam linear accelerator (LINAC) designed to deliver Intraoperative Electron Beam Radiation Therapy (IOERT), an intensive form of targeted radiation given at the time of surgery to treat a wide variety of advanced cancers that are difficult to remove and treat. This innovation brings safe, reliable and portable radiation to the operating room.

Using cutting-edge technology, the radiation is given by high energy electron beams delivered with precision to very specific locations inside the body immediately after a cancer has been removed.  This enables surgeons and oncology specialists to deliver much higher doses to areas at a high risk of recurrence without causing damage to surrounding healthy tissue and organs seen with conventional external beam radiotherapy.

Using the conventional form, which involves setting up a machine manually to target the area of a tumour rather than the cancer alone, doctors have to limit doses to protect surrounding structures.