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We are here to offer information and support to anyone affected by Pancreatic, Liver and Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET’s).
We understand that being diagnosed with Cancer/ NETS can be deeply distressing and we appreciate the isolation this can cause. We aim to replace that with a hand of friendship and support, which is fully committed to campaigning to improve awareness, treatment and understanding of this disease.

You are not alone…

When patients get bad news their emotional reaction is often an expression of shock isolation and grief.  At PLANETS we aim to ease these feelings on both an emotional and practical level. We are open to anyone from the day they are diagnosed, through investigations, treatment and beyond. We work closely with all the relevant professional bodies and also the Net Patient Foundation. Our interaction with these organisation’s helps ensure that patients have a voice that is clearly heard.
You may initially feel burdened with information so you should try to discuss all your queries and concerns with your doctor and other members of your healthcare team.  There are numerous sources of support and information available to you.  As well as all the information on the PLANETS website, you will also find other useful websites listed on our Recommended Websites page.
You may feel that family and friends do not understand what you are going through so you might find it useful to talk to other patients. NET patients may find it useful to join the NET Patient Foundation forum.  Pancreatic patients will also find a forum on the following link Pancreatic Cancer UK forum.  PLANETS run a South Central Support Group where patients can meet in person with a healthcare professional and other patients.   Details of these groups are posted in our events section.  Alternatively you can e-mail us at PLANETS.
NET Patients may find fellow NET patient, Ronny Allan’s blog informative and helpful.  Follow this link and sign up to receive notification of a new blog.  Ronny is part of the PLANETS volunteer team.