Pancreatic Tumours

This disease is one of the most prolific forms of cancer in the UK and 21 people are diagnosed with it every day. Cancer Research say that the…


Liver & Biliary Tumours

Liver cancers fall into two broad groups: primary cancers which have arisen in the liver and secondary cancers which have spread to the…


Neuroendocrine Tumours

There are around 3000 new cases of NETS diagnosed each year in the UK. NET cancers are difficult to diagnose. After the onset of symptoms…


Medical News

This section keeps you up to date with the latest developments in the medical world with regards to pancreatic, liver and NET…



The principles of radiology are to use different types of scans to identify and diagnose problems inside the human body that cannot be…



Although many types of NET are slow growing, in general terms they are malignant (i.e. cancerous) tumours Therefore in common with…



Chemotherapy is the name given to treatments that use drugs to either kill cancer cells or control their rate of growth. There are many…



This can be delivered in many different ways to treat neuroendocrine tumours. Most commonly for NET it is given as radio-labelled…



Nuclear medicine involves using radioactive materials (or tracers) to diagnose and treat a wide variety of disorders. It differs from X-ray…


South Central Support Group

The PLANETS support group meet regularly to network and discuss issues and also to listen to presentations by medical practitoners in their specific field of expertise.


Patient Stories

When patients get bad news their emotional reaction is often an expression of shock, isolation and grief. You may find it helpful to read about other patients who have had similar experiences…


Contact Support

We understand that being diagnosed with cancer can be deeply distressing and we aim to provide support on both a practical and emotional level. Please contact us and we shall endeavour to..


Latest News

Business Sponsors Helping Team LP24 Get to Paris!

Thank you to all the businesses that have helped to get our LP24 riders to the start line…. We have been overwhelmed by the support that local businesses have shown to our LP24 event and would like to say a big thank you – generous donations and help have allowed us to focus on the…

Muc Off Support LP24 Riders!

  Poole based company Muc Off are the latest company to support our LP24 (London to Paris in 24 hours) event.  Muc Off are an international company that sell every cleaning product under the sun for bikes and cars.  When NET patient (and LP24 participant) Jo Green, pictured above, approached the MD Alex Trimnell to…

Thank you to Anne Burch and the Killearn Ladies!

A big thank you to Anne Burch who, together with a group of friends, raised £200 at a ladies luncheon in Killearn, Scotland.  Anne’s son Richard and his wife Rachel are part of the team of riders who are attempting to cycle from London to Paris in 24 hours next month so this fantastic amount…

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Improving Patient Services Across the Region

Pancreatic cancer affects over 8000 patients each year in the uk and remains the fifth biggest cancer killer in the UK, despite this its has been underfunded for many years and currently receives just 1% of total cancer research funding in the UK. NETs are a rare form of cancer often involving the liver and…